GODS & GODDESSES pt227/09/2010

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Its such an experience being backstage during events and competitions. Amazing things can happen on a stage, but backstage one gets an opportunity to see what makes an act possible. The stars reveal their human aspect while they prepare themselves mentally and physically. The moment they walk onto the stage it is all of this that instantaneously transforms into their acting persona which we enjoy so much. I love the expressions of focus, nerves, and excitement all merged into one. I love the preparations and attention to detail that most audiences take for granted. And in the aftermath, I love watching the relief and high that one feels from wowing the masses.

Ive been told I analyze too much, but its for this reason that I end up in these kind of places. Im obsesssed with the processes that make things. Here I wanted to know what went into making the fittest body in South Africa, and since Im far from competing for this title, photographing it seemed like a good alternative.

Following on from my previous post, this is what was happening backstage during the Mr & Miss Fitness SA competition two weekends ago.










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